We're excited to announce our new site and brand Flipab.it.


Enhance with exciting add-ons.

With Pro Multitouch, your presentation will come to life right before your eyes with the help of touch, swipe or pinch gestures. Look how fascinating your interactive presentation can be.

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See the widgets in action

Interactive images

A picture is much more exciting when it is interactive. Callouts, zoom and pan tools make reading much more fun.

Interactive photo galleries

Instead of viewing single images page by page, readers can flip through a collection of interactive photos. You can also view images in a gallery as icons or one by one.

Media files

Video and audio files located anywhere on the page will make the content more spectacular. Instead of traditional reading or picture viewing, readers can review the content live. Videos can be played automatically.

3D images

Users can control 3D objects with just one touch. For example, instead of looking at a cross section of the brain, one can see the brain in its entirety by manipulating its 3D image. In Pro Multitouch Designer, authors can configure background, allow item rotation in any direction or restrict its rotation within a vertical or horizontal plane.


There is nothing like animation to vivify your presentation. Adding animations in Pro Multitouch is incredibly easy: you only have to open a few images, a video or a GIF file, and animation will be created automatically.

Web pages

Perfect display of web sites.

Online maps

You can add any online map, such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, or OpenStreetMap by simply copying a code to embed the map.


If you have fully finished PDF or Microsoft Word documents, you can simply add them to your presentation. Users can flip through these documents.


Truly engage users in your presentation by placing a 360 Panorama into any page.

Text boxes

Find the right words and images. And arrange them beautifully. Select the right fonts, styles, kerning or line spacing. Insert a photo, resize it, rotate or delete the background. Pages is a full-featured text editor that will help you to create eye-catching documents.


Users can watch YouTube videos. You can also add an inter channel.


When it is comes to explaining the data, charts are clearer than a thousand words. Select the chart type and configure its appearance. Stunning results with minimal effort.

Chart Widget