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Pro Multitouch offers a wide range of opportunities to take your presentations to a new level, interactivity for multi-touch devices and non-linear navigation.

A well-done presentation creates and defines public perception, it communicates information, stirs up imagination, at the same time demonstrating innovation, technical excellence and competence. A professional presentation would always leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Pro Multitouch removes many of the constraints typically encountered in traditional presentations. It enables a transition from a static and linear style to a flexible and non-linear one, offers an opportunity to adapt presentations freely to the emerging needs and circumstances.


Multi-touch: simpler than ever. Now any usual static presentation can respond to as many touches as the hardware allows, without any programming skills required.

Interaction on any device. Pro Multitouch works with standard sensor protocols. Thus, almost any multi-touch device may be used. From tablets and touch screens to video walls and ultra large projection screens, Pro Multitouch provides smooth human-computer interaction on any scale.

Pro Multitouch’s open structure allows the application to interact with data sources around the world, works on a schedule and provides immediate synching between all devices. Whether you need only one screen for your exhibition stand or a hundred screens at each POS, Pro Multitouch is a perfect tool to create compelling and intuitive touch-screen interfaces.

Video wall

Video walls have become a mandatory attribute of studios and exhibition stands worldwide. Until now, creating high-resolution content was an expensive, long, inflexible, and sometimes impossible affair.

Pro Multitouch enables real-time creation of graphical content in any resolution or size, without any extra expenses. Pro Multitouch allows you to set or change the resolution and format of your project at any time. Thus, any project may be adapted with regard to various resolutions or available hardware.

With Pro Multitouch, your video wall can be very easily transformed into an interactive installation. Pro Multitouch makes it possible to connect any sensor device to create a large video wall-based touch screen.

TV studio

The flexibility of the Pro Multitouch software package makes it a perfect choice for TV studios. Due to the open nature of the Pro Multitouch architecture, new technologies can be easily integrated into any production process.

Be it interactive applications, 4K or 3D video, Pro Multitouch can easily meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s broadcasting with minimal changes. Video walls have become an integral component of present-day broadcasting studios. With Pro Multitouch, setting up or creating a video wall content is very easy.